Naples Bay Marina
Naples Bay Marina
Naples Bay Marina
Type: Waterfront Projects
Location: Naples
Date: 2008

Permitting of reconfiguring a man-made boat basin, marine construction oversight, assistance in slip marketing and continuing work. 

This project consisted of permitting the complete renovation of a fifty year old marina. Permitting issues included conservation easements, DCA review, sovereignty submerged lands issues, U.S. Fish & Wildlife and Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission reviews. Detailed negotiations ultimately led to an approval by the Governor and Cabinet.

January 2005 - Reconfiguration of Basin
May 2006 - Upland Construction Ongoing
November 2006
January 2008 - Project Complete
View from east end of basin
During Construction - View from east end of basin
View from East end of basin
View from east end - docks installed
Rock Drilling for Dock Pilings inside Basin
View within Basin
Assembly of Concrete Floating Docks
Barge work within basin
Installing Floating Docks Riverside
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