Project Description

Vista Royale

Vista Royale is a private multi-family facility that was designed and permitted to provide a first-class docking facility while structurally enhancing an existing concrete seawall and creating an abundance of marine life. The design allowed for immediate access to the dock right from the individual’s back pool deck and consisted of high-end marine docking materials and amenities. The existing seawall was reinforced with rip-rap and submerged vertical and horizontal concrete piles. These piles allow water to flush in and out of the rocks and prevent the strong currents from washing the rocks away. Many fish, bait fishes, boring sponges, tunicates, crustaceans, and other marine organisms have already been observed on and around the rocks. These marine organisms living on the rocks along with best management practices used by the slip owners are beneficial to the water quality and were utilized to help obtain the necessary state and federal environmental resource permits.