Marine Biology

Tidal wetlands, mangroves, submerged aquatic vegetation such as seagrasses and other submerged resources including corals, oysters, sponges are all critical components of the marine ecosystem. Our services provide an investigative approach that systematically surveys the project area in order to identify any resources present at the site, the percent of coverage, and limits by use of GPS. Our findings are presented in report form and complemented by underwater video and still photos to aid in dock design and processing of the necessary state, federal, and local government permits.


Boca Chica

Boca Chica Turrell, Hall & Associates, Inc. staff is proficient with submerged resource survey diving, utilizing specialized diving equipment, photography, videography, GPS mapping, and proven scientific methods.  At this project in the Lower Florida Keys, [...]


Clam Bay

Clam Bay Turrell, Hall & Associates, Inc. has been the lead consultant for ongoing restoration and maintenance for the Clam Bay ecosystem since 1998. The system consists of a series of shallow estuarine lagoons with [...]