Waterfront Projects

We specialize in the proper planning, design, engineering, and construction management of waterfront projects world-wide. These include large private and public marinas, ports, navigation projects, fast ferry, and cruise ship facilities. Our staff includes ocean engineers, marine biologists, and construction management personal with decades of experience building on the water.


Tin City

The day after Hurricane Irma struck Naples, Florida in September 2017, the engineers at Turrell, Hall & Associates, Inc. were on site to assess the seawall failure at Tin City, and an immediate plan of [...]


Luxury Yacht Marinas

Turrell, Hall & Associates specializes in the planning, engineering and construction management of marinas for the largest of private, luxury yachts in the world, sometimes known as megayachts. Slips 200′ + have become common and our firm has a dozen such projects in different stages of design, permitting and construction. We pride ourselves with “in house” knowledge of not only the waterfront structures necessary to safely moor these vessels but also the needed infrastructure, such as the massive amount of specialized electrical power and the other utilities needed. Large Yachts have other needs such as concierge services, access for provisioning, specialized fueling and crew facilities. We specialize in proper planning for all of the yacht’s requirements to keep them happy and coming back to your port. In association with Dream Harbors, our firm also offers operational expertise, facility management, and marina staff training in specialized areas such as fuel spill and emergency response procedures.


Eden Island

Eden Island Provided consulting services in the megayacht marina design. The first full-service mega-yacht facility in Seychelles for vessels up to and over 200’. General marina consulting services on piling issues, layout, marketing exhibits, and [...]


Winding Bay

Winding Bay The Abaco Club on Winding Bay is a private golf and residential resort-style community with a wide array of amenities and activities which debuted in December of 2004. The site encompasses 550 [...]


Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay Turrell, Hall & Associates completed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in addition to other environmental studies for this property.  Work included diving the existing basin and locating any submerged resources, mapping [...]


Terrestrial Biology

Land-dwelling species are often extensive and diverse, thus understanding how and where different species live requires thorough investigation and technical expertise. Our ecologists and biologists are qualified to execute all kinds of terrestrial investigations, including mandated procedures and guidelines required by federal, state, and county agencies. Our knowledge of the underlying dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems is used to manage them in an ecologically appropriate manner.


The Dunes

The Dunes The Dunes is a 628 unit residential waterfront development consisting of 7 towers and several single-story villas. It is located on a 188 acre property on the corner of Vanderbilt Drive [...]


Marine Biology

Tidal wetlands, mangroves, submerged aquatic vegetation such as seagrasses and other submerged resources including corals, oysters, sponges are all critical components of the marine ecosystem. Our services provide an investigative approach that systematically surveys the project area in order to identify any resources present at the site, the percent of coverage, and limits by use of GPS. Our findings are presented in report form and complemented by underwater video and still photos to aid in dock design and processing of the necessary state, federal, and local government permits.


Boca Chica

Boca Chica Turrell, Hall & Associates, Inc. staff is proficient with submerged resource survey diving, utilizing specialized diving equipment, photography, videography, GPS mapping, and proven scientific methods.  At this project in the Lower Florida Keys, [...]


Clam Bay

Clam Bay Turrell, Hall & Associates, Inc. has been the lead consultant for ongoing restoration and maintenance for the Clam Bay ecosystem since 1998. The system consists of a series of shallow estuarine lagoons with [...]